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  Chongqing Dayou Surface Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is a professional engaged in black metal surface modification of new materials, new technology research, development, production, sales and technical consulting as one of the high-tech enterprises。Won the title of "specialized and special new" small giant enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and is a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise。It has a post-doctoral research workstation, academician expert workstation and enterprise technology center, and more than 40 scientific researchers。The company has a strong research and development strength, has obtained more than 10 national invention patents and international invention patents and more than 20 utility model patents and proprietary technology, and participated in the development of industry standards in Chongqing。Among them, "Zinc-nickel infiltration layer black metal anticorrosion process" won the national Invention Patent Excellence Award。
  The company has "Chongqing Dayong New Material Technology Co., LTD." and "Rongchang Dayou Surface Technology Co., LTD." two wholly-owned subsidiaries,The production base covers a total area of 55,000 square meters,It has automatic production equipment such as ferrous metal structural parts production line and zinc-nickel infiltration layer process treatment system,The annual production capacity of steel structural parts is 120,000 tons,The annual production capacity of zinc-nickel infiltration layer processing is 130,000 tons。The business scope has covered 27 provinces/municipalities and some overseas markets。
  The products are successfully used in railway construction, rail transit construction, bridge pier construction, Marine wind power generation equipment, Marine engineering equipment, petroleum and petrochemical machinery, engineering machinery, JG and other industries。
  Great has always been adhering to the "innovation, pragmatic, integrity, win-win" corporate values, with the mission of "rust terminator", committed to becoming a full life cycle anti-rust product supplier。
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